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Simple SEO is not only a digital marketing agency in Kelowna but a method to increasing engagement with the online community. Whether you have a small business that has a local store front or an online e-commerce store that is trying to sell products, it is important to get your service or product in front of the right prospects or potential customers. SEO is an important aspect for any online marketing.

So Much More Than SEO

We provide so much more than SEO. While we specialize in search engine optimization our reach goes far beyond that to PPC, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing and for local businesses even Direct Mail Marketing. We strive to present our clients with the full package so they don’t need to shop around.

If we are unable to do a certain task then we know the best people for the job and can easily connect our clients with people we trust or we hire experts to fill in the gaps for us.

Rank Your Website In 3 Simple Steps

We use 3 basic steps to rank any website.

Step 1. – We find out where your site is at and why. We compare and analyse your site vs competitor sites to establish a plan to get your website ranking as quick as possible.

Step 2. – We implement the strategies we created in step 1. This implementation can take some time but this is where your site gets propelled in front of your competitors and you get a major boost in your online visibility.

Step 3. – Maintenance. While we are working there is undoubtedly people working against us for your competitors. In Order to secure your rankings and keep your website at the top we need to continually do maintenance such as link building, keyword research and analysis and stay up to date with Google’s algorithm changes. We continually analyse your competitors so we know when they make a move and we can counter them.

Simple SEO sets your website up for long term success and is really a long term investment into your business. Whether you want to rank locally in maps or nationally for your brand we can make that happen. It isn’t always easy and doesn’t happen over night but it is possible.

Rank. It’s Simple.

For more information contact us on here or visit us at our Simple SEO website.

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